Sibbel coaching and training offers personal and practical coaching sessions for employees, managers and individuals.

Mirjam Sibbel is a highly skilled and experienced coach. With a background in political sciences and many years of experience in the industry, she offers important insights for the coachee during the sessions and will be able to efficiently adapt to the needs of the client. Further, she uses academic and innovative methods for guiding the coachée to the result, among which:

  • Self-knowledge method;
    An academically developed coaching track that quickly identifies key characteristics in the coachee’s behaviour and accurately identifies the main emotions in play. Mirjam Sibbel is accredited by the Dutch professional association for the Self-knowledge Method.
  • Voice dialogue method;
    Through this method, the coachee gains insight in his or her own story and behavioural patterns. Different processes that either implicitly or explicitly play a role with regard to the decisions the coachee makes, are being identified in a neutral and constructive manner.
  • From the mind, into the body;
    In a practical and accessible manner, the coachee is taught to recognise, identify and connect feelings to behaviour and gains tools to influence this behaviour accordingly.
  • Experience-specific coaching tracks;
    On the basis of the experience and academic background of Mirjam Sibbel, the coachee is offered tailor-made sessions or tracks focussed at important management or strategical decisions.

Do you want to learn more about the options that Sibbel coaching and training offers? Or would you appreciate a free meeting to see how you can achieve your goals? Do not hesitate to contact Mirjam Sibbel via info@sibbel.info.